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What is the SCCE?

The mission of the Southern California Children's Endowment is to help, educate, and protect the hungry, abused, and poor children of Southern California. This is accomplished through direct assistance and by partnering with the most effective local organizations.


The needs of southern California's children are not limited to food, medical care, clothing, or education and our endowment is not limited in scope in the ways we will seek to accomplish our mission.  It cannot be accomplished by a one-time donation or limited to occasional fundraising drives.  It requires a major and sustained effort.  Our endowment ensures that donations will fund our mission for perpetuity.  With every dollar, our ability to accomplish our goals grows, and it will never diminish.

Give the gift that keeps on giving, forever.  Local children urgently need your help and the SCCE exists to ensure that gift never fades and that it will always be available to serve the greatest needs of local children.

Learn more about the companies and people actively involved in supporting the needs of our local children.

Caring for the future of our community is a multi-generational committment.  The endowment is uniquely suited to provide the required sustainable support with evolving prioritized programs.

501(c)3 Public Charity EIN: 81-2140630
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