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The mission of the Southern California Children's Endowment is to help, educate, and protect the hungry, abused, and poor children of Southern California.  This is accomplished through direct assistance and by partnering with the most effective local organizations.  

The needs of southern California's children are not limited to food, medical care, clothing, or education and our endowment is not limited in scope in the ways we will seek to accomplish our mission.

Our goal is to protect and elevate the future promise of southern California’s most disadvantaged youths.  We want as many children fed, cared for, and educated as possible, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

This cannot be accomplished by a one-time donation or limited to occasional fundraising drives.  It requires a major and sustained effort.  Our endowment ensures that donations will fund our mission for perpetuity.  With every dollar, our ability to accomplish our goals grows, and it will never diminish.  


Expenses are restricted to 20% of the endowments income unless a donor requests that their funds be used towards a particular expense item.  Budgets are based solely on income from earnings and never from the principal contributions. This policy delivers industry low expense ratios allowing as much money as possible to be delivered in support of our mission. 

The endowment is self-sustaining and constantly growing.  All donations flow into the principle fund of the endowment which is invested in a conservative manner with the highly respected investment firm Creative Planning.  The annual income will be budgeted and applied towards achieving our mission. 

We rely on donations from donors large and small.  Even a $5 donation will benefit local children year after year.  Permanent recognition levels are still available at both the $25,000 Founding Donor level and the $10,000 Charter Member level.  There are only eight opportunities remaining at the Founding Donor level.  We expect to reach critical mass within 8 years, becoming one of the largest charitable organizations dedicated solely to children in southern California.  We are already the number one organic search result on Google for California Children's Endowment searches.

Imagine a charity that could fund thousands of meals for hungry children, forever, without ever raising another dollar.  Imagine a charity that could provide diapers and shoes for hundreds of poor children every year, supplement funding for psychologist visits for abused children, or quickly step in to support a critical need for a local child.   


The societal gaps for impoverished children are constantly evolving, as are the most effective methods of correcting them.  We are not restricted to supporting a single need or promoting a single solution.  We represent an ever growing tide of support for the critical needs of local children, the future of our community.  That is what makes the Southern California Children’s Endowment unique. 


You can donate $10,000 today to a local charity but those funds are quickly spent and much of it on funding the marketing and staff necessary to bring in the constant donations required for the charity’s survival.  When the money is gone, it’s gone.


Real change, permanent change takes time, and an ever growing, sustainable fund.  It’s not quick or glamorous in the beginning, but your gift will never stop giving.  It will help a child today, it will help children tomorrow, it will answer prayers long after we’re gone.

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